Visitor Centres

Mount Teide National Park

Telesforo Bravo Visitor Centre

In the town of La Orotava, some 25 km (15.5 miles) from the northern boundary of the National Park, is the Telesforo Bravo Visitor Centre, belonging to the complex of the Telesforo Bravo Administration and Visitor Centre. This Centre comprises Teide National Park's Administrative Offices, the Visitor Centre and an Ornamental Garden displaying some of Tenerife's Native Flora.

It also houses an exhibition that journeys across the Island in two different ways: altitudinally, from the lowest altitudes on the coast up to the peaks, and historically, seeing the Island through the eyes of its most illustrious visitors. The Centre is definitely worth visiting to discover the Island of Tenerife and Teide National Park in depth.

Where: Calle Dr. Sixto Perera Gonzalez, num. 25, El Mayorazgo. The town of La Orotava
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 am to 2 pm and from 3.30 pm to 6 pm.
Phone number: (+34) 922 92 23 71
Price: free

El Portillo Visitors Centre

You will be drawn towards the Visitor Centre thanks to the beautiful landscape around it, not expecting to find such a wealth of knowledge about the National Park's nature inside the centre. As you walk through the Centre's small museum, you avidly take in all of the information on the boards and soak up details about how Mount Teide was created and the species that inhabit it. You will even get to see the inside of a volcanic tunnel with your own eyes! You had no idea that learning about your natural surroundings could be so fascinating, and you find yourself thirsty to know more about this impressive volcano.

The small museum at the visitor centre contains everything you might want to know about the Park's most significant geological, botanical, zoological and archaeological aspects. You can visit the museum and the adjacent botanical gardens free of charge, as well as a free guided trail service.

The museum features a recreation of the inside of a volcanic tunnel, interactive elements, picture boards and back-lit panels, a video library room, a book shop and an events hall with an audiovisual projector, which shows a video to help viewers understand the creation of the Teide-Pico Viejo crater upon which the complex stands.

The Botanical Gardens beside the El Portillo Visitor Centre are there to display, research and reproduce the area's native flora, and to teach visitors all about it. It houses specimens of 75 per cent of the National Park's species, as well as labs with germination chambers and genebanks. The gardens receive international backing with the aim of supporting the recovery of endangered plant species.

Where: TF-21 road, Km pt. 32.1
Opening hours: 
from 9 am to 6 pm every day of the year (except 25 December and 1 January).
Phone number: (+34) 922 92 23 71
Price: free

Juan Évora Ethnographic Museum

Juan Évora was the last person to live in Las Cañadas following a traditional lifestyle.

The house he lived in, located at the Boca Tauce junction (at the fork between the TF-21 and TF-38), on the southern access to the Park, has been refurbished and turned into an information point and a small ethnographic museum featuring an exhibition on the traditional shepherding lifestyle in Las Cañadas. Visitors can read panels and explore the exhibition to learn all about the most significant aspects linked to this protected nature area, allowing them to enter the world of shepherding and other traditions in this mountainous area.

Important note: If you plan on takingone of the walking trails that set off from the Ethnographic Museum(Chavao or PR TF70 Guía de Isora – Tágara – Boca Tauce) and wish to leaveyour vehicle in the car park, remember it closes at3.45 pm, meaning you will have to remove your vehicle before that hour.

Where: Boca Tauce junction (at the fork between the TF-21 and TF-38)
Opening hours: from 9 am to 3.45 pm, every day of the week.
Phone number: (+34) 922 92 23 71
Price: free

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