Daytime carnival

After a long night of fun and dancing, we hope you have saved enough strength to see the other side of the Carnival: the daytime festivities. Groups of friends and relatives stream by you in their finest costumes searching for a stage, a drum session or another group of carnival-goers. Under the bright light of day, people of all ages and origins share the streets looking to have a good time and make the most of every last second of the Carnival.

On the Friday and Saturday after the symbolic Sardine Burial event comes the piñata weekend, granting carnival-goers the last chance to have some fun and a good dose of laughter.

On these two evenings, people relive the excitement of preparing their costumes and make-up, meeting up with friends and dancing late into the night, just as they did at the beginning of Carnival week.

But the party is not just a nocturnal experience. For some years now, Saturday at midday is the time for the Daytime Carnival, when the streets in the centre are full of people of all ages with their whole family heading out in search for a good time for everyone.

The live music performances that take place on the various stages (at Plaza del Príncipe, Plaza de la Candelaria and Calle Castillo), the comparsas and other groups who liven up the streets with the beat of their drums, and the colourful costumes and smiling faces of the carnival-goers all converge to make this an enormous fancy-dress party that tens of thousands of people flock to every year.