The Carnival's various groups take part each year in a variety of contests which are divided into stages. The performances are a treat for contestants and spectators alike.

The members of the children's and adult murgas, comparsas, rondallas and other musical groups compete every year to win the prize for the best performance or presentation in their respective categories. Plus, a special award goes to the best soloists in the rondallas.

Nowadays, people watch the various elimination rounds and the final of the murgas with the keen interest of a sports final, as they do when the Carnival Queen is chosen. Their sharp lyrics, open criticism and puns enthral the audience and encourage them to relate to the members of the murga groups. Add this to their vocal quality and bright outfits and you will soon see why the Murga Contest is one of the star events at the Tenerife Carnival.

The comparsas, with their refreshing choreographies and the booming beat of the drums, transport the audience to the lively streets and the rhythm of the music that sweeps over Santa Cruz at night, after the Opening Parade.

The lyrical compositions of the rondallas, however, represent the long-standing musical tradition of Santa Cruz de Tenerife's Carnival, as they are one of the most unique living expressions of this celebration. They are performed by talented singers in the form of unique vocal arrangements that are experienced as unique pieces in their genre.

Last but not least, the bands playing their Latin sounds are worthy representatives of the passion that Tenerife's people feel for Carnival music.