Güímar Carnival

This southern municipality on the Island also celebrates carnival in its own, very peculiar fashion: Las Burras. The name of this tradition means "The Female Donkeys", and consists of a re-enactment that has been taking place since 1992 to highlight how important the Sardine Burial ceremony used to be years ago. During the ritual, young people play the scene where a group of witches have been turned into donkeys and are invoking the devil. After a dance between the witches and the devil, a group of monks arrive hailing the Archangel San Miguel. The battle between them ends with the devil's defeat and the witches being burnt at the stake. Those same flames will then be used to burn the town's sardine before its burial that brings the festivities to a close.

Weather Today
Maximum: 19º
Minimum: 13º
Güímar. The sky will be covered with high and middle clouds on Monday morning. In the afternoon, occasional light rain or drizzle. At night rain will fall. Temperatures will remain unchanged.