San Hô

Avant-garde nikkei cuisine

Considered the new point of reference of fusion cuisine on Tenerife, San Hô is an avant-garde option which takes the marriage of the Japanese and Peruvian cultures to the kitchen in a marine atmosphere and with a combination of flavours which will make any dinner an experience full of sensations. A concept of haute cuisine with carefully-chosen dishes for each season so that the result of each recipe is always impeccable, using locally-grown produce so as to make the menu at the San Hô a real journey to three points on the planet: the Canaries, Japan and Peru.

The offering is headed up by chef Adrián Bosch (best Canary Islands chef 2012 and finalist of the prestigious Spain's Best Chef competition in 2016) and Vicente Chau Tsang as front of house.
C/ Virgen De Guadalupe, 21 - Playa La Enramada - La Caleta 38679 ADEJE