400 km (250 miles) of coast and ocean await you. The Island has all the right ingredients for you to indulge in some thalassotherapy. The water's salinity levels are constantly at around 36%, and the temperature stands at 20 ºC to 21 ºC (68-70ºF). Sea water has many health-giving properties. It is a natural toner and purifier, eases breathing difficulties, counteracts ionising radiation, cures oedemas and solves skin conditions.

The ocean breeze also plays an important part as its rich in iodine and mineral nutrients. It has a relaxing effect, evening out skin blemishes and pumping oxygen into the blood. Walking along the sea shore with the water up to your knees or waist is a great way to build up your strength and tone your muscles while enhancing your cardiovascular health. Treading on the sand or pebbles on the shore is also a great way to boost your circulation and stimulate the reflex points on your feet.

Swimming is of course another great form of exercise to get your whole body in shape. Plus, a dip in sea water, whether you're in the ocean, in a rock pool or in a natural sea pool, is a great opportunity to soothe your body. Simply letting yourself float on your back has an instant relaxing effect.