Bio-Spa is a sanctuary of relaxation, so as to activate you internally and make you feel your emotion. Bio-Spa operates holistically with personalised treatments using ecological, natural products which nurture the human being as a whole: the physical body, the mind and the emotions.

Bio-Spa has three establishments in Adeje, in Tenerife South: Bio-Spa Victoria, Bio-Spa Costa Adeje and Bio-Spa Isabel.

Bio-Spa Victoria has recently been recognised in the prestigious World Luxury Spa Awards as the World's Best Spa and the Best Ecological Spa in Europe. Furthermore, among its impressive facilities of over 900 square metres there is the Air Bio-Spa, on the top floor of the hotel. With spectacular views, it is possible to enjoy a quieter and more private atmosphere with a whirlpool bath, sauna, sensation showers and massage. There is also a private spa service designed especially for families where you can enjoy a unique and exclusive experience together with your children.

Bio-Spa Costa Adeje and Bio-Spa Isabel are the perfect locations to enjoy your privacy as a couple with a totally private massage and spa circuit.


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Avenida Bruselas s/n (Frente al Hotel GF Gran Costa Adeje) 38660 ADEJE