Parque Etnográfico Pirámides de Güímar

Leisure Park located in Tenerife South

Pirámides de Güímar Ethnographic Park and Botanical Gardens is a large open-air museum that contains six stepped pyramids facing the sun on key astronomical dates.

This 64,000m2  park, nominated on two occasions for the European Museum of the Year Award, and winner of the ‘Sustainable Tourism Best Practice 2021’ award, is also one of the five botanical gardens in the Canary Islands.

The installations include the Casa Chacona Museum, open air routes (‘Botanical Route’, ‘Exports Route’, ‘Cultural Route’ and ‘Volcanic Route’) and various exhibitions, such as ‘One ocean… of plastic’. Its botanical collections include the Poisonous Garden, the acclaimed Sustainable Garden and the Tropicarium. A unique spot in an open and sustainable environment.

C/ Chacona, s/n 38500 GÜIMAR