Parque Etnográfico Pirámides de Güímar

Leisure Park located in Tenerife South

Pirámides de Güímar is an Ethnographic Park of great cultural value measuring some 64,000 square metres. The main attraction are the six step pyramids, oriented towards the sun during the summer and winter solstices.

The Casa Chacona Museum and the Auditorium explore the research carried out in the pyramid complex. The visitor can also get to know the incredible expeditions of the Park's founder, the Norwegian anthropologist, Thor Heyerdahl, as well as observing replicas of the reed boats on which he crossed the oceans.

There are also a number of open-air displays including the Canarian Botanical Route and a Cultural Tour, or you can visit the Poison Garden, a 1,500-square-metre garden holding over 70 species of toxic and even lethal plants where you can discover the secrets of the fascinating world of poisons and poisoners.

C/ Chacona, s/n 38500 GÜIMAR
Fax.: 0034 922 51 45 11