General features

The Territorio Antiguo, which translates as 'Old Territory', spans the north-west of Tenerife and was formed seven million years ago. As its name suggests, it is the oldest part of the Island.

The landscape here is marked by deep ravines that seem to have been dug intentionally by a very persistent person. Its towering cliffs are another of the area's most impressive natural sites, but it also hides more subtle attractions. The dense, mysterious fog that often cloaks its valleys and mountains, or the breathtaking beauty of its sunsets that light up the sky with fabulous reds, oranges and yellows.

We encourage you to visit the Puerta de Tierra park in Garachico, one of the few sites to have survived the eruption of the Montaña Negra volcano. And don't miss the coastline around Los Silos, which affords a unique perspective of the meeting point between the volcanic coast and the sea. As well as admiring its beauty, there is a more refreshing way of enjoying it: a dip in its natural pools.

Whatever you decide to do, you can ensure the experience is perfect by contacting one of the many local companies that organise volcano-themed nature and cultural activities. ​