Quality Charter

Sustainability Charter for Whale and Dolphin Watching

The Sustainability Charter is a voluntary commitment made by whale- and dolphin-watching companies, which respects whales and dolphins, and the environment while offering a significant and transforming tourist experience to clients.

Five principles inspire this commitment:

  1. To transmit significant and transforming experiences.
  2. A tourism product worthy of the exceptional value of this unique environment.
  3. Care for the environment, the sea and the local community.
  4. Complies with all prevailing legislation.
  5. Transparency, commitment and continuous endeavours to improve the sector.

These companies are evaluated each year to renew their commitment.

With a horizon of 2025, Tenerife has set the goal of becoming a benchmark for other places in the world as a tourist spot that cares for the home of whales and dolphins and offers a significant, respectful activity with high value added.

For more information: Sustainability Charter for Whale and Dolphin Watching (PDF)

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