The magic of the Isla Baja

Roque de Garachico, El Tanque, Los Silos, Buenavista del Norte and Teno Country Park (Masca)

Roque de Garachico
Perched on the edge of the north side of Tenerife stands Garachico. This seaside town was Tenerife's main port until the 18th century. A volcanic eruption buried it beneath the lava, but thanks to the strong will and determination of its inhabitants, it was able to rise from the ashes. Garachico's peaceful atmosphere makes it feel like time is standing still and there is nobody else around but you.

The lava formed natural pools in Garachico with curious shapes that invite you to take a dip. Not far inland from there rises the town's symbol: the rock formation of Roque de Garachico. Here, you will feel like you have reached the edge of the world. Spectacular cliffs rise ahead of you, and lookout points like that of Lomo Molino come one after another.

The route continues in Los Silos. The leafy laurel forest that shrouds this town remains intact, showcasing every shade of green imaginable. The air here is so pure you can almost feel it flowing through your body.

The upper part of this municipality provides perfect paths for hiking. You will find the scenery extremely rewarding and alive with vegetation. By way of example, you won't want to miss the Monte del Agua, the mountain passes and nature trails of Cuevas Negras, Las Moradas, and Talavera.

Afterwards, follow the TF-42 to Buenavista del Norte, a town which certainly lives up to its name, which means "beautiful view of the north". This pretty municipality hides one of Tenerife's best-kept secrets: Teno Country Park. This stunning location will leave you breathless, particularly the cape of Punta de Teno. If you would like to experience what it feels like to be at the end of the world, this is the place. The lunar landscape is rugged, magical and other-worldly. A lighthouse marks the end of the route and affords spectacular, unmissable views over the south of the Island. Before reaching this westernmost point of the Island, the road will warn you that you are entering under your own responsibility. You might even find it closed off due to the risk of landslides.

The area's most famous products include the Island's typical "rosquetes" (sweet doughy rings) and the mild goats' cheese made in the Teno Alto region. This is one of Tenerife's most peculiar cheeses because of the way it is made and particularly because the traditional recipe has been handed down from generation to generation.

High up in the midst of nature lies the small municipality of El Tanque. More than half of its land is protected and it is a great place for nature lovers. Funnily enough, it is one of the few towns on the Island that does not have a coastline, and its 3,000 inhabitants live in houses dotted all over the area.

To come to Isla Baja and not pay a visit to Teno Country Park would be a sin. We highly recommend that you explore this protected natural area on a nature trail or hike.

By land or by sea, the hamlet of Masca is worth a visit. Located atop a deep ravine, it is a meeting point for hundreds of hikers every day. Withdrawn from civilisation, Masca is uniquely exotic and boasts breathtaking views. A high-difficulty path winds through it and down towards the coast along a small ravine. Although Santiago del Teide is nearby, Masca actually belongs to the municipality of Buenavista del Norte.