PWA windsurf world cup

Elite professional windsurfers meet each year at El Médano under the PWA – the Professional Windsurfers Association – whose current and past members make up the best professionals of this sport at an international level in the PWA Tenerife World Cup – one of the most prestigious events of the world championships.

With their eyes and adrenaline set on the sea, windsurfers enjoy the never-ending natural golden sandy beaches that extend over more than 3 kilometres of the coastline of El Médano, the most daring resort on the island: it is the capital of kiteboarding and windsurfing in Tenerife.

Located on the southeast coast of Tenerife, just a few kilometres from Tenerife South Airport, the atmosphere at El Médano will leave whoever visits the area in awe. The regular Trade Winds that blow there accompany the practice of water sports like these, which combine with the sun and the island’s essence.

Information and registrations at: PWA WORLD WINDSURFING TOUR: 2023 (