Apnea – Freediving

Do you know your limits? Do you think you are in control of your body and mind? It's not just about holding your breath underwater, it's about learning to control your mind and your body and pushing them to limits you would never have imagined. Tenerife is one of Europe's most popular destinations for freediving, which is also known as apnea. Are you up for it?

All over the island, but the west coast is particularly noteworthy thanks to its unique terrain which makes the temperature, currents and weather perfect for every type of freediving.

If you need equipment, you can get everything you need locally, whether you're a beginner in this underwater sport or an expert looking to perfect your technique. You will have access to state-of-the-art facilities and services at T3 and at Umberto Pelizzari's prestigious Apnea Academy West Europe. These two world famous centres are just 200 metres (650 feet) apart.

Their professionals will teach you breathing techniques and how to move in the water so you can enjoy more time under the surface using lung power alone. All of this makes Tenerife the perfect place to enjoy all types of freediving.

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