Health and Wellbeing

Relax, take care of yourself and spoil yourself a little. Fill up with sun, and take advantage of the volcanic nature of our sand and its benefits for your health. Get away from it all.

  • Island of wellbeing

    Island of wellbeing

    Air, sea, light... throughout history, Tenerife has been a referenc...[+]

  • Spa


    Are you looking for health and beauty treatments? Do you need to fr...[+]

  • Medical tourism

    Medical tourism

    Top-quality health services and benefits in a quiet and relaxed set...[+]

  • Alternative therapies

    Alternative therapies

    Acupuncture, yoga, chiro-massage, reiki, naturopathy, bach flowers,...[+]

Tenerife Island of wellness

Tenerife Island of wellness

The island offers much, much more… volcanic earth, rich in trace elements, essential for a host ... [+]