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  • The Symphony Orchestra of Tenerife


    The Symphony Orchestra of Tenerife

    The violin, the ninth symphonies and symphonic works of Mahler are the highlights of the 2014-2015 season of the Symphony Orchestra of Tenerife, under the leadership of the Polish master Nesterowicz Michal. Concerts that make up the program make a to...[+]

  • Canarias Folk Fest Arona


    Canarias Folk Fest Arona

    Folklore is back to the streets of Arona with rhythm, dance and colour. Dive into the local traditions every Thursday in Los Cristianos, every Friday in Las Americas and on the second Saturday of each month in Las Galletas. Besides music and dance, y...[+]

  • Pedro Paricio,


    Pedro Paricio, "elogio de la pintura"

    At a time when the continuity of painting as an art form is questioned, Pedro Paricio, Tenerife artist based in London, has made of painting his lifestyle . His work is a continuous loop, review and tribute to the history of painting itself, through ...[+]

  • The treasures of the Cathedral of La Laguna


    The treasures of the Cathedral of La Laguna

    Documents , sculptural and pictorial images, liturgical furniture, ornaments and jewelry that are part of the treasure of the Cathedral and have remained hidden from the eyes of visitors during the twelve years that the temple has been closed can now...[+]

  • Quantum Ensemble


    Quantum Ensemble

    A new approach to classical music
    A modern way of interpreting classical music, more flexible and directed to a wider audience. Quantum Ensemble concerts take place in a friendly atmosphere in which a direct dialogue with the public is set to pl...[+]

  • Visit the Dorada Brewery


    Visit the Dorada Brewery

    The local brewing company opens its doors to unveil the manufacturing process of Dorada beer, from the collection of raw materials to bottling, with a guide who accompanies you through the facilities explaining each stage of the brewing process. And ...[+]

  • Thematic routes in Tegueste


    Thematic routes in Tegueste

    Meet the scenery and history of the town of Tegueste through over thirty thematic routes that take place throughout the year. Specialized guides will show you the most beautiful scenery of the town, its historical, artistic and archaeological heritag...[+]

  • Carnival in Candelaria ‘A todo ritmo’


    Carnival in Candelaria ‘A todo ritmo’

    With the slogan ‘A todo ritmo’ the carnival is arriving this year to Candelaria. Friday, February 26 marks the start of the party with the Gala of the carnival. One of the most important days is Sunday 28, when the Daytime Carnival takes over Plaza d...[+]

  • Jorge Drexler


    Jorge Drexler

    Do not miss the concert that Jorge Drexler will play in Los Cristianos within the tour for his latest production, a new concept and music from this talented artist. All this within the Mar Abierto 2...[+]

  • 'Las Burras de Güímar'


    'Las Burras de Güímar'

    The representation of Las Burras, a mix of legends and traditions recovered by the village youth over 20 years ago, has become the most important event of the Carnival of Güímar. The show, which involves hundreds of persons, is the stunning scenic re...[+]