Teide National Park

The highest peak in Spain (3,718 metres), declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, is an absolute must. Beautiful and grandiose, it will make you feel very small.

  • Altavista Refuge

    Altavista Refuge  

    The Altavista refuge, situated at 3270 m, consists of two buildings and it is equipped with an infirmary, storehouse, showers, kitchen and three dormitories with...[+]

  • Ascending the Teide

    Ascending the Teide  

    To climb to the summit of the Teide, the highest in Spain at a height of 3,718 metres, is a unique experience. The fact that part of the route can be done by...[+]

  • Fauna


    The vertebrate fauna of the Mt. Teide National Park is limited and far from striking. The total inventory for the Park barely numbers 30 species, although some...[+]

  • Flora


    The plant world is another of the outstanding features of the Mt. Teide National Park, where plant species are fully adapted to the tough living conditions of...[+]

  • Geology


    With an altitude of 3,718 metres above sea level, Mt. Teide is the highest mountain in Spain and in all of the Atlantic archipelagos. The steep slopes of the...[+]

  • Mt. Teide Cable Car

    Mt. Teide Cable Car  

    Ctra. TF-21, Km. 40,2 - Parque Nacional del Teide 38002 LA OROTAVA

    Cable car services up to La Rambleta run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., unless bad weather or high winds make the service impossible. Restrictive measures have currently...[+]

  • National "Parador" Hotel

    National "Parador" Hotel  

      Las Cañadas del Teide National "Parador" Hotel Detached building within the Park. Inside, it recreates the atmosphere of a cosy house of the high mountain...[+]

  • Ruta por el parque

    Ruta por el parque  

    The Mt. Teide National Park has links with different areas of the island with its four access roads: To the North: TF-21 road from La Orotava to Las Cañadas...[+]

  • Teide National Park

    Teide National Park  

    A network of national parks in the Canary Islands attempts to conserve their most characteristic ecosystems. Hence, the Mt. Teide National Park, in the centre of...[+]

  • Visitor Centres

    Visitor Centres  

    Road TF-21. Km. 32,1

    There are two Visitor Centres open daily (except 25 December and 1 January) from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. El Portillo Visitor Centre exhibits the geological history of...[+]

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