The Weather in Tenerife

On this page you can find out about the weather forecast for today and the next seven days for all areas of Tenerife and the golf courses. You can also find out the forecast for sea conditions.

Normal weather conditions

Weather forecast

21 November 2014, At night


Weekly prediction forSanta Cruz de Tenerife

Today 21 November 2014

Lluvia In the morning

Chubascos In the afternoon/evening

Tormentas localmente fuertes At night

Rain will fall on Friday morning. In the afternoon showers will occur. At night rain-storms are likely which may become locally heavy. Mild temperature raising.

MAX.24°| MIN. 19°

Tomorrow 22 November 2014

Llovizna pasajera In the morning

Aumento gradual de la nubosidad In the afternoon/evening

Abertura de claros At night

It will drizzle on and off on Saturday morning. In the afternoon more cloud will come in steadily. At night patches of clear sky will appear. Mild temperature dropping.

MAX.25°| MIN. 20°

Sunday 23

Nuboso a muy nuboso

MAX. 17°

MIN. 13°

Monday 24

Llovizna pasajera

MAX. 19°

MIN. 13°

Tuesday 25

Llovizna pasajera

MAX. 19°

MIN. 13°

Wednesday 26

Aumento gradual de la nubosidad

MAX. 17°

MIN. 16°