The Weather in Tenerife

On this page you can find out about the weather forecast for today and the next seven days for all areas of Tenerife and the golf courses. You can also find out the forecast for sea conditions.

Normal weather conditions

Weather forecast

20 December 2014, In the morning


Weekly prediction forSanta Cruz de Tenerife

Today 20 December 2014

Nubosidad variable In the morning

Algo nuboso In the afternoon/evening

Algunas nubes altas At night

Clouds will alternate with sunshine on Saturday morning. In the afternoon, very little clouds in the sky. At night, skies will be mostly clear with some high clouds. Temperatures will remain unchanged.

MAX.22°| MIN. 17°

Tomorrow 21 December 2014

Despejado In the morning

Despejado In the afternoon/evening

Despejado At night

Sunny skies all Sunday long. Temperatures will remain unchanged.

MAX.22°| MIN. 17°

Monday 22

Pocas nubes

MAX. 16°

MIN. 13°

Tuesday 23

Algo nuboso

MAX. 18°

MIN. 14°

Wednesday 24

Pocas nubes

MAX. 19°

MIN. 15°

Thursday 25

Algo nuboso

MAX. 24°

MIN. 22°