Stargazing on holiday?

Normally we associate a holiday with rest and relaxation at the beach or pool but Tenerife has much more to offer.


My friend Mary had the fantastic idea of ​​going to see a romantic sunset from one of the most unique places on the planet: Teide, the highest peak in Spain and the 3rd highest volcano in the world from its base in the sea.

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Equally romantic without a partner we thought, and decided to book the Volcano Life Experience offer. Being a tour we would do once in lifetime, so we chose the deluxe version: Sunset with champagne, followed by dinner and a Canary Islands dinner and grand finale, stargazing in the middle of the Atlantic…

teide_parque nacional_volcanes_legendarios_estrellas_4227


Stars … The last time we discussed this subject quite deeply was probably at school; but that was long ago and since then we have been more concerned with our own little universe.

Every Friday you can enjoy this tour; either with a pickup in holiday resorts or by going in your own car. We wanted to be adventurous and went on our own in a rental car to island’s the summit (from the north, it takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes).

Very important to mention that the Teide’s altitude is 3,718 metres, and the temperature at the summit is much lower than in the tourist areas. For this reason, tropical plants and palm trees grow near the coast and in the higher ground even snow falls in winter. This diversity in such a small space is unique in the world.



So take warm clothes, including gloves and a hat, and suitable footwear. However, the organization provides polar fleeces for the clueless.

After a warm welcome, we formed groups according to language: German, English and Spanish. Nervous and excited, we boarded the cable car! When we stepped outside, we immediately noticed the sudden drop in temperature. Good job some friendly waiters greeted us with champagne and hot chocolate. Getting used to the cold and with our hand warmer, we finally took in  the panoramic view and we felt like we were running out of air, but not from the cold … no, it was the wonderful views: a sea of ​​clouds below us, which gradually began to change colour to yellow and orange tones.


We walked with our group towards the sun to fully enjoy the spectacle. Some companions started to feel the altitude: faster heartbeat, deeper breathing and slower walking pace; the height didn’t affect me, only a strange smell. “Sulphur,” the guide said, “Don’t forget that the Teide is an active volcano.” When we reached the crater, everyone found a place, couples huddled together and took a few “selfies” to capture the moment forever. The views reminded me of my arrival on the island when the plane was flying towards the sunset, the colourful sky and the sea of ​​clouds below. The difference was that we were standing there at the peak, with a silence that filled us with peace.



Gradually we had to turn back, fleeing from the night as there were no artificial lights, and now the sun had set, it was getting colder.

As we travelled back down by cable car, the moon and the stars began to shine timidly in the night sky. A show of natural colours, with no filters or retouching.

When we reached the station, a cocktail style dinner was already waiting for us: pellets of gofio, wrinkled potatoes with mojo sauce, skewers of meat and fish, goat’s cheese, pumpkin cakes and banana fritters to name just a few of the Canary delicacies accompanied by local wines, beer and soft drinks. A tasty dinner presented in small bites to try a little of everything. While the culinary delights seduced us, total darkness fell and looking into the sky felt like you were up there touching the stars.



After dinner we went to watch the natural spectacle. We could even see the Milky Way with the naked eye, since this is one of the clearest skies in the world. Looking through professional telescopes … Wow! The Moon!! We could see clearly its surface, and suddenly we felt very small and back came those teenage questions about who we are and where we really come from.

via lactea

There under the sky, with the stars so close, immersed in the universe, our guide was showing us the entire constellation: “Over there the pole star, back there the stars shining just for us, because in reality, they do not exist, all we can see is their light.” Tremendous!

And shooting stars? “What a pity, you’ve just missed a big one. But did you know that they are not so romantic? Most are space junk.” Beautiful and magical rubbish, I thought. A lot of questions on our minds, many impressions and new experiences … We actually were looking for a simple relaxing holiday in Tenerife, and now again we face the existential question.


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An excursion 100% recommended, not only for couples who want to see a romantic sunset but also for those curious children from 8 years and adults, who want to experience something different on holiday. Volcano Life Experience is a mixture of romance, science and gastronomy in one of the most majestic places in the world, Mount Teide.



Balance of the fifth Bourne chapter shoot

Tenerife was the location, from 7 to 26 September, of the fifth chapter of Bourne, a Hollywood super-production starring Matt Damon and directed by Paul Greengrass, which brought considerable economic activity to Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

© Jasin Boland | Universal Pictures
First day shooting . © Jasin Boland | Universal Pictures

It was possible to shoot the film thanks to the work done by the Cabildo, through Tenerife Film Commission, Santa Cruz de Tenerife Town Council and local production company Sur-Film Production & Services. The filming took place mainly in Santa Cruz, in the neighbourhoods of Valleseco, Cabo Llanos, Salamanca, La Salud and Taco, as well as in the Plaza de España area and Avenida 3 de Mayo. Some scenes were shot in Bebederos (Arona) and at the Tenerife Norte-Los Rodeos Airport.

According to the information the Cabildo has, around 350 people were directly hired for the production while they recruited some 600 extras for the shoot. In addition, around 600 local companies were hired or took part in the film while some 1,200 contracts were signed with private individuals and businesses during the production. The final economic study is currently being produced and will be available in a few months.

Regarding hotel night stays, according to the information provided by Ashotel, there were more than 14,000 in different hotels in Santa Cruz, some of which sold all their available rooms for a few days in September. The hotels in La Laguna also benefitted from the shoot, having a high rate of occupancy. Income for accommodation and breakfast reached one million Euros. To this we must add the extra services hired by the visitors, of medium-high purchasing power, in different establishments.

Apart from the income earned during the shoot, it must be pointed out that during pre-production the crew worked in Santa Cruz and visited restaurants and shops. The public who came to see the shoot increased the sales of restaurants and cafeterias in the area around the film location. These establishments made 20 per cent more than on an average day, according to the information provided by the Canaries Urban Areas Federation.

As for the impact abroad, a wide range of media, both national and international specialised publications as well as general interest press, mentioned the shooting of the Bourne fifth chapter in Tenerife. The media which gave information about it include Der Spiegel, Daily Mail, Hollywood Reporter, The Knowledge, The Location Guide or Variety. In addition, the image of Matt Damon with CD Tenerife T-shirt, had over 22,000 comments on Twitter in 24 hours and 4,500 interactions, spreading the name of the Island internationally.

Tenerife Film Commission

Since it was established in 2000, Tenerife Film Commission (TFC) has helped over a thousand films (including feature and short films), photo shoots, music videos, series, programmes, and commercials. The balance is more than positive: 54 million Euros have been brought to the Island. 36 feature films have been shot in this period including Clash of the Titans and Wrath of the Titans (2010-2011, USA) or Fast and Furious 6 (2012, USA).

Last year Tenerife hosted a total of 68 national and international film productions which brought eight million Euros to the Island.

2015: a new scene

The new Canaries Fiscal Regime (REF), which came into force in January this year, renews the tax advantages for film productions shot in the Archipelago which means an increase of 20 per cent over the rate applicable in the rest of Spain, thus supporting the benefits of shooting on the Island.

So the deduction for national film productions shooting in the Canaries can reach up to 40 per cent of the total amount up to 5.4 million Euros, while foreign productions can have a 35 % deduction, capped at 4.5 million Euros.

In 2015 some productions have already made the most of the scenery and advantages offered by Tenerife. Project Lazarus, by Canaries director Mateo Gil, including actress Oona Chaplin (Charles Chaplin’s granddaughter), or the series Doctor Who for the BBC are just two of them.

Attending festivals and trade fairs is another activity of Tenerife Film Commission. This year, TFC has been to the Berlinale—to inform about the incentives at international level—, the Marché du Film, part of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, and Cannes Lions, focused on advertising. Tenerife Film Commission will also attend the American Film Market and Focus, The Production Location Event.

Newcomers to the American Film Market

Please write to arrange a meeting if you want to learn more about our 35% tax incentive for foreign productions shot in the Canaries


Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, confirms its position as an attractive film location. In September, part of Universal Pictures’ fifth chapter of the Bourne franchise was shot on the Island in addition to other national films.

Tenerife Film Commission will be at the American Film Market to explain the opportunities and advantages the Island has to offer to American companies working on medium-budget projects.  The wide range of locations, 23ºC average temperature, competitive tax incentives (35% direct deduction) – for films spending at least one million Euros on the Island – and our experience in welcoming shoots are some of the issues we’ll tell you about.

To arrange a meeting, please contact:


Concha Díaz


Tenerife Film Commission

+34 647346462



“Evolution” wins Special Jury Prize and the Best Photography award at San Sebastian Film Festival


The film, shot in the Canary Islands, was co-produced by Volcano Films

"Evolution" shooting
“Evolution” shooting

Lucile Hadzihalilovic’s Evolution, the first Canaries feature film to be included in the official section of San Sebastian International Film Festival, landed the Special Jury Prize and the Best Photography award.

The film, with executive producer Volcano Films’ Sebastián Álvarez, in co-production with the French Noodles Production and Les Films du Worso plus the Belgian Scope Pictures, was shot in the summer of 2014 in Lanzarote and Barcelona. The main location was Tenesar (Tinajo), as the French director fell for its powerful lava coastline at first sight.

The Belgian Manuel Dacosse took care of the Photography.

The project first got to Volcano Films over six years ago. At the time location scouting was carried out in the islands of El Hierro, La Palma, Tenerife and Lanzarote, which was eventually chosen as the filming location. However, the shooting had to be put off for a few years due to scheduling and funding difficulties. It was only in early 2014 that Evolution really started rolling.

"Evolution" poster
“Evolution” poster

After a few weeks determining the locations in Lanzarote and organising the logistics, the French and Canaries crew set up on the island to shoot for four weeks both interior and exterior scenes in the village of Tenesar and in the sea, including underwater filming.  When they finished in the Canaries, the crew left for Barcelona to film some scenes set in a hospital.

By taking part in this movie, Volcano Films has become the first Canaries production company to have been not only nominated but also awarded a prize at San Sebastian Film Festival (the only one with two awards, by the way). This opens a wide range of possibilities to this production company and to the Canaries film sector as a whole. The truth is the islands do have the advantage of having a wide range of locations and an excellent tax regime but the local film industry as such is still at starting point. Productions like Exodus: Gods and Kings or Bourne are no doubt a boost to the Canaries economy, help train professionals and are a great showcase for the islands, but it is films like Evolution that shape a stronger film sector in the long term.

As for Volcano Films, apart from having Evolution entered in film festivals and screened in theatres worldwide, the company has very busy months ahead with productions of all sizes being shot on the islands. Sebastián Alvarez points out a new in-house project which is currently in development titled “Milk Teeth”, to be fully shot in the islands and helmed by Canaries director David Pantaleón.

More information


T. 00 34 922 285 160

Archipiélago Renting now has more vans on hire

They are committed to having the best commercial vehicles on hire to cater for every professional need


Archipiélago Renting has just added new models of commercial vehicles to meet the growing demand in the past few months.

Being specialised in van hire, Archipiélago Renting has the latest models of Ford Custom Van FT250 L1 and Ford Connect Van FT210 L1. In addition, they now also offer Courier Kombi and Transit Van FT350 L3.

All these new models improve their current catalogue of vehicles available to hire or long-term rental. Thus Archipiélago Renting has become one of the sector’s leading companies. In general, operations have risen in the past six months so purchasing new units was necessary in order to meet the needs of Canaries professionals.

More information at


T. 00 34 922 207 273

Intesa Films selected the extras for “Ein Sommer auf Lanzarote”

The German production company hired 200 extras


Intesa Films took care of selecting and hiring the extras cast for the feature film “Un Verano en Lanzarote”, directed by Jophi Ries and produced by Ariane Krampe (Germany) which was shot in the Canary Islands.

The leading roles were played by Christina Hecke and Fabian Joest Passmaonte, apart from German actors Ulrike Kriener and Helo von Stetten and the Spanish Julio Aranu Catalá and Oscar Ortega Sánchez

More information at


00 34 922 504 258

IGTM 2015: Showcasing Tenerife as a leading European golf destination

inauguracion IGTM

Ten years after hosting its first International Golf Travel Market (IGTM), the world’s premier global event for golf tourism suppliers, buyers and media returns to The Canary Islands, in Spain providing a platform for the region to showcase its development as one of Europe’s leading golf tourism destinations.


The 2015 edition of IGTM, which takes place in Tenerife, the largest and most populous Canary Island, at The Magma Conference Centre from October 5-8, 2015, will highlight the importance of golf tourism in the region.


In 2014, more than 110,000 golf tourists from across the world chose The Canary Islands[1]  adding in excess of €171 million[2] to the local economy.


Since IGTM was last staged in The Canary Islands in 2005, the number of rounds played by golf visitors has also steadily increased, with Gran Canaria recording close to 165,000 rounds per annum, while Tenerife surpassed 300,000, based on 2014 figures.


Carlos Alonso, President of the Tenerife Government (Cabildo), said: “Tenerife is delighted to host IGTM for the first time. The island now boasts nine different 18-hole layouts and two 9-hole pitch and putt courses, which directly correlates to the region’s on-going popularity as a golf tourism destination.


“Many of Tenerife’s courses are now recognised in numerous rankings and the 2015 edition of IGTM will provide further evidence that the region’s many golf courses and resorts, along with the year-round climate, are collectively creating one of Europe’s leading golf destinations.”


Peter Grimster, IGTM Exhibition Manager, commented: “The decision to return to The Canary Islands and host the 2015 IGTM in Tenerife, reflects the crucial role tourism plays in the region, alongside its overall contribution to the wider Spanish economy.”


“For The Canary Islands to continue to experience growth in golf visitor numbers is a notable achievement and underlines how attractive the islands have now become to golf travellers from across Europe and beyond.”


María Teresa Lorenzo, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports at the Regional Government has stated: “The Canary Islands have a clear advantage over other golf destinations: their great climate makes it possible to play 365 days a year.”


“This fact, together with our wide hotel offer have made us a perfect spot for golfers, with all the advantages of a destination which is part of the European Union and easily reachable from the main European cities.”


According to the latest figures from Turespaña, golf accounted for more than 986,000 foreign tourists visiting Spain in 2014.  Marta Blanco, General Director of Turespaña, commented: “Turespaña fully supports the celebration of key events within the golfing calendar and is looking forward to welcoming IGTM to Tenerife.”


“As a leading golf destination with many excellently equipped courses and hotels throughout the country, we aim to ensure Spain retains its position as a leading golf destination and for the Canary Islands to continue its upward trajectory regarding visitor numbers that it has seen since the 2005 edition of IGTM.”

More than 450 companies have committed to exhibit at IGTM 2015, highlighting the event’s broad appeal as an established meeting place for golf tourism professionals from across the globe. In addition, 1,450 individuals, representing national and regional golf tourism organisations, leading resorts and golf courses attended the event in 2014, with a similar number expected to visit Tenerife in 2015.

For more information about IGTM, please visit:

For more information about Tenerife Golf visit:




[1] Source: Canary Island Tourist Board

[2] Source: Canary Island Tourist Board

Film!CanaryIslands brings 6K underwater shooting to the islands

“AQUA TECHNICA” housing adapted to RED EPIC DRAGON

Film!CanaryIslands underwater shooting
Film!CanaryIslands underwater shooting

Based in Tenerife, Film!CanaryIslands S.L. is one of Europe’s leading specialists in underwater shooting for film & TV productions. Its team of diving technicians and specialist underwater equipment have been working on numerous TV shows, commercials, music videos and movies for more than 10 years, across the Canary Islands and beyond.

In recent months the company has been investing in new technology and equipment, bringing the latest and best in underwater shooting to the islands. Their RED Epic cameras have been fitted with the latest DRAGON sensors, and with the acquisition of a set of 8 Cooke S4i Mini lenses, the cameras can now be used to their full 6K potential underwater.

Already the company has been employed to shoot an number of high profile productions, most notably the feature films “Ma Ma” directed by Julio Medem starring Penelope Cruz, and “Project Lazarus”, directed by Mateo Gil and starring Tom Hughes. Both of these productions made use of the services of FilmCanaryIslands’ DoP and underwater cameraman, Andy McLeod, a technician with 15 years experience in underwater filming who says: “Before we had the Cooke S4i Minis and Dragon Sensors, we were shooting in 4 or 5K, which in itself was fantastic, but to be able to use the full Dragon 6K sensor, not only gives us a bit more resolution to play with, but also gives us a wider angle of view, which is a big bonus whilst filming underwater”.

Since putting the new underwater system into service, the company has also travelled abroad to shoot underwater, including trips to Morocco, Portugal and the UK. “it makes me very proud that international producers call on the expertise of a company based in the Canary Islands, and are willing to bring our experience to other countries”, says FilmCanaryIslands producer, Norbert A Schilling.

More information at:

T. 00 34 667 774 567