Maud, c’est la vie!

28 January 2022
27 April 2022

The Tenerife Arts Space (TEA) is hosting the first retrospective exhibition of French artist and cultural activist Maud Bonneaud. The exhibition gathers more than 300 items, including photographs, paintings, drawings, watercolours, sculptures, magazines, lithographs, handwritten poems, books, family albums, letters and jewellery, dating from 1923 to 1985. It is divided into three sections: Maud and Glazing, Breton and Domínguez, and Circle of Friends I-II.


The exhibition at TEA shows some of Bonneaud’s works for the first time, alongside works by other artists - Óscar Domínguez, André Breton, Paul Éluard, Pablo Picasso, Raoul Hausmann, Valentine Penrose, Roland Penrose, Man Ray, César Manrique, José Abad, Martín Chirino and Françoise Gilot - as well as relevant documents.