The Modern Museum: Retracing Our Steps

12 March 2022
26 February 2023

This exhibition at the Tenerife Arts Space, TEA, offers a new reading of the collection belonging to this contemporary art centre run by the Island Council. It gathers more than fifty items from 1905 to 2021, including photographs, paintings, drawings, sculptures, tapestries, collages and installations.

The third exhibition to reveal the contents of the TEA Collection, it includes artworks by Elvira Alfageme, Adrián Alemán Bastarrica, Tony Gallardo, Bernardino Hernández, Carlos Schwartz, Santiago Palenzuela, Martín Chirino, Francis Joseph Bruguière, Wolfgang Tillmans, Carmen Arozena, Céline Condorelli, Mariano Benlliure and many other artists.