Gravedad y órbita (Gravity and Orbits)

16 April 2022
17 April 2022

This exhibition at the Tenerife Arts Space, TEA, gathers paintings, photographs and other pieces produced between 1929 and 2021 to explore the existence of chaos and chance in a stable and consistent system like human life.

The exhibition shows more than fifty works – paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, videos, installations and decals – by Robert Disraeli, Agustín Jiménez Espinoza, Kurt Seligmann, Dora Maar, Denise Colomb, Wols, Eduardo Westerdahl, Jorge Oramas, Juan Ismael, Gordon Onslow Ford and Emili Godes Hurtado, among others, revolving around the planet of Óscar Domínguez as central figure.