Vacíos del agua (Empty Reservoirs)

21 April 2022
30 June 2022

The Tenerife Arts Space, TEA, in Candelaria is housing an exhibition of photographer Sergio Acosta. Admission for this exhibition at the Old Town Hall Cultural Centre is free. Acosta’s photos capture the greatest cultural and social paradigm shift in the recent history of the Canary Islands, namely, from the agricultural production model to an economic model based on tourism.


As a result of this shift, the large-scale water infrastructure used to sustain the agricultural model through the first half of the twentieth century, which punctuated the landscape in Southern Tenerife, was forsaken and forgotten across the territory. Acosta’s photos document a world becoming extinct, and this places him in the documentary tradition of German photographers Bernhard and Hilla Becher.


When: From 21 April to 30 June


Where: TEA, Tenerife Arts Space, Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-2pm, 4-8pm


Admission: Free


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