Tenerife Contemporary Music Festival (FMUC) 2022

14 June 2022
17 June 2022

FMUC, the Tenerife Contemporary Music Festival, is a well-established musical event, aimed at promoting contemporary music (twentieth and twenty-first centuries), with special emphasis on percussion.


Unfolding at the Tenerife Auditorium, the Festival will begin on 14 June Around the Sound (... and the Noise in Silence Came Back), a concert starring percussionist Joan Castelló and guitar player Iván Valdés. On 15 June, there will be a concert paying tribute to percussion in Tenerife under the title Homenaje (Tribute), followed by the premiere of Francis Hernández’s new musical composition, Afrocán.


On 17 June, there will be two different events: a Gathering of Composers with guest composers Diego Navarro, Francis Hernández, Laura Vega, Pedro Vicedo, Samuel Aguilar and Rubens Askenar; and a Concert with Works by the Composers, featuring the Tak-Nara Percussion Group and percussionists Javi Rodríguez and Paco Díaz.