The Soul of America/Mundus Novus

23 September 2022
14 January 2023

CajaCanarias is hosting two exhibitions: Alma de América. Arte y mito precolombino (The Soul of America: Pre-Columbian Art and Myth) and Mundus Novus. El encuentro de dos mundos (Mundus Novus: The Meeting of Two Worlds). The exhibitions were staged with items on loan from the Pérez Trespalacios Collection and the Caja Cantabria Foundation, respectively.

Alma de América is a journey through forty different pre-Columbian civilisations. The more than 200 items on display are part of the Pérez Trespalacios Collection, one of the most valuable pre-Hispanic archaeological collections in Europe. These artefacts were buried alongside the deceased as part of sumptuous burials and complex funeral rites.

Mundus Novus shows thirty rare manuscripts and incunabula, as well as maps and other cartographic references of the New World.


When: From 23 September 2022 to 14 January 2023

Where: CajaCanarias Cultural Space, Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Mon-Fri 10am-1.30pm, 5.30-8pm

Saturdays 10am-1.30pm

Sundays and holidays, closed


General tickets: €5 (ticket box office)

Free admission: Mondays/Visitors under 25/Seniors over 65/Disabled visitors (at least 65% disability rating)

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