27th Los Silos International Short Story Festival 2022

14 November 2022
07 December 2022

Los Silos is organising its International Short Story Festival, whose 27th edition will be held from 14 November to 7 December this year. The 2022 Festival will focus on the subject of Migrants. This means that there will be lots of activities focusing on migration and paying tribute to all the men, women and children around the world who leave their homelands for a better life.

This year’s activities will include a school concert under the title Al son de Cervantes (To the Beat of Cervantes); exhibitions like El bosque de los cuentos (The Story Forest), Las brujas en Canarias y su literatura (Witches and Witch Literature in the Canary Islands), Fuera de lugar (Out of Place) and Libros que vuelan. Homenaje al libro álbum (Books with Wings: A Tribute to Album Books); workshops such as El paseo de los libros (The Hall of Books), conducted by Mar González Novell; and literary meetings like Recomendaciones literarias para leer con placer (Book Recommendations to Read with Pleasure), with Elvira Novell, among many others.