Pedro Guerra

16 December 2022
18 December 2022

The Spanish singer-songwriter Pedro Guerra, born in Tenerife, is coming home to perform at the Leal Theatre in the context of his new concert tour, El viaje. In this concert, Guerra will introduce the thirteen songs in his latest album, also titled El viaje, produced by Pablo Cebrián, another talented musical artist from the Canary Islands.

In El viaje, Pedro Guerra embarks on a metaphorical journey that takes him to the shores of the personal and the political, speaking up against inequality and injustice but also exploring the territories of love and self-knowledge.

Guerra took his first steps in music when he was a teenager. In 1985, at age 19, he formed his first band, then he pursued a solo career. His first album, Golosinas, came out in 1995. Since then, he has released more than fifteen albums to punctuate a very successful career that includes performances with the likes of Víctor Manuel, Marta Sánchez and Paloma San Basilio.