HISTORY – La evolución de la música

24 February 2024
28 December 2024

On Saturdays from 24 February to 28 December, the Pirámide de Arona Auditorium is staging a musical show recreating the most climactic moments in the history of music. HISTORY – La evolución de la música is a journey through time in which thirty performers from as many as fifteen different countries pay tribute to the world’s greatest musical artists, bands and composers: Ludwig van Beethoven, Enrico Caruso, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Queen, Abba, Pink Floyd and many others.

The show’s acts include the best classic and contemporary choreographies, the most beautiful film scores and the most celebrated songs from Broadway musicals.

HISTORY – La evolución de la música
Pirámide de Arona
Avenida de las Américas
38650 Santa Cruz de Tenerife