The Carmonas (Romani Flamenco Festival 2.0)

18 April 2024
19 April 2024

On 18 and 19 April, the Leal Theatre will welcome the members of the Carmona family, who will be performing in the Canary Islands for the first time, in the context of the Romani Flamenco Festival 2.0. The Carmonas are a dynasty of singers and musicians from Granada, whose legacy began with Habichuela el Viejo, and was then passed on to his son, José Carmona. José was the father of guitar players Juan and Pepe Habichuela. His brothers Luis and Carlos were also musicians. José’s grandsons Josemi Carmona (son of Pepe Habichuela), Juan Carmona Amaya, aka El Camborio, and Antonio Carmona (sons of Juan Habichuela) formed the musical group Ketama, fusing flamenco with other music genres.

In this show, the Carmonas will go back to the roots of flamenco, with the help of guest musicians Kiki Ferrer (drums), Manuel Fernández (electric guitar) and Antonio Montoya (percussion, vocals).

The Carmonas (Romani Flamenco Festival 2.0)
Teatro Leal Calle Obispo Rey Redondo, 50, 38201San Cristóbal de La Laguna