Fiesta of St Sebastian in La Caleta

19 January 2017
20 January 2017

St Sebastian, Adeje’s joint patron saint with the Virgin of the Incarnation and Saint Ursula, celebrates his feast day. The day has become one of the biggest attractions in south Tenerife in terms of the number of people taking part. The entire town of Adeje turns out for the celebrations in honour of St Sebastian, along with people from neighbouring towns, the north of the island and even La Gomera. From the elderly, who love to talk about the fiestas of bygone days, to the very young, everyone has contributed to making this celebration a not-to-be missed gathering, which begins on the eve of the saint’s feast day.

  • When: 19 and 20 January
  • Where: Adeje
Fiesta of St Sebastian in La Caleta