Los Chichos

01 February 2020
01 February 2020

The trio from El Pozo del Tío Raimundo (Madrid) are coming back to Tenerife in the context of the Los Chichos desde 1973 tour, after visiting the island two years ago. With a 40-year career on their shoulders, Los Chichos are among the most popular Spanish bands and one of the finest representatives of Spanish rumba.

Having released 22 albums so far, including live concerts and anthologies, Jeros – now replaced by Júnior-, Emilio and Julio have sold over 22 million records. In their concert in Tenerife, they will of course revisit some of their most popular hits – to the delight of the local audience.

  • When: 1 February
  • Where: Teobaldo Power Auditorium, La Orotava
  • Showtime: 9pm
  • Ticket prices: From €20
Los Chichos
Auditorio Teobaldo Power
C/ Cantos Canarios, s/n
38300 La Orotava