Malaika, el eco de los tambores (Malaika, the Echo of Drums)

18 May 2019
18 May 2019

In this concert, the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra will be accompanied by the Bloko del Valle association, whose young members will be playing their drums on the stage. A symphony concert under the baton of Ignacio García-Vidal, bringing together musicians from different continents and with different musical backgrounds. The concert will be followed by a party in the Auditorium esplanade, where rhythm and music will be provided by Bloko del Valle.


Tenerife Symphony Orchestra

Bloko del Valle

Conductor – Ignacio García-Vidal

Hostess and storyteller – Ana Hernández-Sanchiz


Works by Ibero-American composers

Malaika, African popular music (arrangements: Vidaurreta)


  • When: 18 May
  • Where: Adán Martín Auditorium, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Time: 12pm
  • Price: Family concert tickets: €6
Malaika, el eco de los tambores (Malaika, the Echo of Drums)
Auditorio de Tenerife
Avenida de la Constitucion, 1,
38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife