Tenerife Cultural Events

24 April 2020
31 December 2020

Tenerife is making available a series of online activities and plans that will make it easier for you to put up with the difficult situation we are all going through. Tourism, art and exhibitions, music and concerts, theatre and shows, and sports – a wide range of options for you to enjoy without leaving home!

Tenerife virtual tour – Take a 360º tour of Tenerife!

Our 360º images will take you to the most iconic places in Tenerife. For instance, Teide National Park. You can climb Mount Teide, conquering the highest peak in Spain. With Google Street View, you can even choose your itinerary!

Or you can take a bird’s-eye view of Tenerife, taking in the island for as long as you want. A unique, 360º experience where you can choose your standpoint!

Cultural activities: Museums

It is not necessary to take to the streets to visit the museums in the island. The Museum of Nature and Archaeology (MUNA) offers a virtual tour of the current exhibitions, brought to you by Museos de Tenerife.

As part of the Visiting the Collections programme, the Museum of Archaeology is showing a mummy from 1264 AD-1401 AD – Momia infantil (Child Mummy) – and the remains of the mummy of a man aged 20 to 24 and 1.71-metre-tall – Una momia del sureste de Tenerife (A Mummy from Southeast Tenerife).

As to the Museum of Natural History, it is introducing Ciencia encriptada (Encrypted Science), an online project featuring short stories with interactive riddles and puzzles shared on the website and in social media. Also, lovers of celestial objects can be part of Astronomía desde el balcón (Astronomy from Your Balcony), an event organised by the Museum of Science and the Cosmos (MCC) for the observation of astronomical phenomena with the naked eye or with binoculars.

The little ones can have a great time with Cetáceo-manía (Cetacean Mania), making a colourful drawing of a peculiar whale or dolphin species and sending it to comunicacion@museosdetenerife.org. The drawings will then be shared in the Museum’s social media. Creativity galore!

Virtual concerts by the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra

A good calendar of virtual events should of course include music. The Tenerife Symphony Orchestra is offering a series of virtual concerts as part of a variety of programmes like Emociones desde el salón (Feelings in the Living Room), featuring some of the ensemble’s musicians.

The concerts will cover a wide range of genres and styles. There will even be children’s stories and challenges on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The first concert was held on 3 April. The repertoire included works by Tchaikovsky, Séverac and Beethoven, recorded in advance by the musicians at home under self-isolation. The third concert will be on 30 April. It will show an ensemble of violins, basses, trombones and tubas performing popular songs and lullabies from the Canary Islands like ‘Arrorró’.

Online theatre shows

There is something for theatre-goers too. The curtain will rise again at the Guimerá Theatre in a series of shows you can watch online for free. The idea is to support the island’s cultural industry, the performing arts and local theatre companies.

Under the title Salón Guimerá (Guimerá Hall), the project will offer several shows via social media streaming. The first will be Eurípides no me Sófocles que te Esquilo, a comedy by Armando Jerez staged by Timaginas Teatro, starring María Rodríguez, Armando Jerez, Andreas Trujillo, Ricardo Trujillo y Cristian Beltrán.

It will be followed by other plays, to be announced on the theatre’s website and in social media.

Indoor sports

You can make your quarantine more bearable by doing sports using Simulator I. A project developed by Bkool with the support of Turismo de Tenerife was launched a few months, offering a dozen routes across the island.

Bkool is one of the pioneering indoor sport equipment developers and retailers at the global level. It has the most realistic indoor cycle simulator available. The routes offered in Tenerife include four great options: La Laguna-Teide (Portillo bajo), Santa Cruz-San Andrés-Pico del Inglés, Garachico-Buenavista-Masca, and Granadilla-Parador del Teide. Two of the routes have their starting points in Northeast Tenerife, one in Isla Baja and the fourth of them in the south.

Bkool delivers immersive experiences, featuring all the ingredients of the thrill of outdoor riding – drafting, climbing, wind blowing, etc. You just need your bike and a smart roller. The simulator makes your training look so real, amidst 3D views of amazing landscapes. You can challenge other bikers or train at your own pace.

In addition, you can track your rivals on a map in real time. There are virtual animated fans to cheer you on too!​