Parque Estelar Starlight Camino Barranco de Badajoz

The Reserva Natural del Cielo y la Tierra (Heaven and Earth Nature Reserve ) is located in the Güímar valley. It was created to protect, preserve, and conserve nature (heaven and earth) and to spread the importance of nature in our lives. Within the reserve is the Parque Estelar Starlight Camino Barranco de Badajoz, certified by the Starlight Foundation, the first astronomical park in the Canary Islands, where activities are organised to observe the night sky, astronomical events, observation of lunar craters, sunspots...

The director and the whole team welcome you!

  • Night sky observation. Observation and study of the night sky (with laser pointer and astronomical binoculars) to identify stars, constellations, Milky Way, etc. that are significant. Visitors learn what knowledge other cultures had about the sky and where the names of constellations and stars come from.
  • Observation of lunar craters. Observation of lunar craters through a telescope to discover its seas, mountains, craters, etc. Visitors are shown a projection beforehand to familiarise themselves with what they will observe later.
  • Observation of sunspots. Observation of the sun through a telescope through which you can see its sunspots. A projection beforehand allows you to learn more about it. You can enjoy the sunrise or the sunset and the rays of light that make the so-called stone circle glow.
  • Astronomical events. Observations of astronomical events and special occurrences, such as meteor showers, comet transits, planetary conjunctions, etc.
  • Special events. A night of observing, initially enjoying a sublime bel canto. After the performance, the activity of constellation observation or lunar crater observation takes place. Observation of the Nectar Sea (on the Moon) with a glass of Moët&Chandon Imperial Nectar. Arabic poetry under the starry sky.
Parque Estelar Starlight Camino Barranco de Badajoz
Camino Barranco De Badajoz, S.N 38500 Güimar