Atlantic Eco Diving

ATLANTIC ECO DIVING is a company that offers experiences related with eco-tourism in the Ocean (introduction to diving, organised dives, snorkelling or even the observation of the south-west coast of the island from boats in what is called an InfoEcoTour). The objective is to get to know the nature of Tenerife as a whole by receiving information about its geology, the coastline, the depths, ecosystems, etc. There are different activities for both professionals and amateurs so you can discover the treasures of the island. Atlantic Eco Diving also has a team of people who are experts in the different disciplines we offer.


- Dives for the qualified off the coast of south-west Tenerife.

- Dives adapted for persons with different functional or sensorial limitations.

- PADI Training Courses.

- Introduction to PADI diving: Discover Scuba Diving.

- Boat trips for snorkelling

- PADI course/ Disabled Diver Support

- InfoEcoTour (Sailing along the coast, giving information to the participants on the terrestrial and marine ecosystems they can see from the boat).

Pantalán 4, atraque 102 - Puerto Colón 38660 ADEJE