Gloma Travel

Gloma Travel makes it possible for you to go all over the island of Tenerife on personalised excursions designed by the visitor him/herself, which are interactive and exciting, and give you the opportunity to get to see the most beautiful landscapes on the island, where the sun, the wind and adrenaline all contribute to building an unforgettable memory of your stay on Tenerife.

On the basis of an exquisite knowledge of the island and superb good taste, Gloma Travel shows you the total splendour of Tenerife, every location and each tradition, including the most characteristic aspect of Gloma Travel, the cuisine.


- Wine and dine tour at a typical restaurant (duration 4 hours).

- Wine and dine tour at a typical restaurant (duration 6 hours).

- Private excursion to Parque Nacional del Teide

- Private excursion to Anaga

- Private excursion to Masca, Garachico, Icod

- Private round-the-island trip

- Private and individualised excursion.

- Excursions for cruise passengers.​