Toda Canarias

Toda Canarias is a company set up in 2017 that uses the power of social media to connect with hundreds of thousands of people each month. After its journey as an advertising and services agency, we changed the company into a group that follows three main sectors with its headquarters in the village of Puerto Colón in Tenerife: tourism, services and advertising.

The Italian benchmark in the Canary Islands.

  • Travel agency and excursion sales.
  • Tourism articles, photos and videos.
  • Consultancy and documentation services.
  • Experienced in high impact social media videos.
  • Live advertising videos on Facebook.
  • Advertising and marketing on websites and social media.
  • Editing and dissemination of advertising articles.
Avenida de Colón 5, C.C. AguaMarina, Local 12, Puerto Colón 38660 ADEJE