Marinated Tuna

Traditional recipe in Tenerife

Tuna fish are one of the most important catches in Canarian waters and there are various migratory species that pass by the islands, including the "barrilote" or "white tuna" and the "yellowfin tuna" or "rabil". But, strangely there are not many recipes in Canarian cookbooks for preparing this delicious fish. However, among those one of the best and most popular is "atún en adobo"(marinated Tuna), which uses one of the islands most outstanding cooking techniques - marinating dishes.

The quality of these dishes is based on, among other things the excellent vinegars that can be found on the Islands.
Preparation: The tuna fish must be carefully placed to bleed for about ten minutes in lots of water and salt. Once bled, it is washed thoroughly to get rid of all traces of salt and is cut in slices of about 1 centimetre thick or in medium-sized chunks.
Crush peeled and sliced garlic cloves and a half or a whole chilli pepper - according to taste - some pepper and the tip of tablespoon of crushed cumin. Oil is added and stirred well to make a slightly liquid paste. Then add thyme, bay leaf, oregano and finally wine and vinegar. In some places they only use a whole glass of vinegar. In this case, wine is an option to reduce the acetic acid according to your taste. Remember salt should be added carefully (it is easier to add more when it is served than to have put in too much before cooking).
The tuna is placed in the mixture and left to marinate for at least 24 hours in the fridge. To finally prepare it, take the chunks of tuna and fry them and place them immediately on a tray. Pour the rest of the marinade into the oil that the fish was fried in and leave it to reduce a while then strain it and the liquid can be used as a sauce on the fish.

Other details
1 kg of tuna, without skin or spine
4 garlic cloves
1 large glass of extra virgin olive oil
1/2 a glass of vinegar
1/2 a glass of white wine, preferably añejo
1 tablespoon of pepper
A green pepper