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Gara and Jonay

Gara and Jonay
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The story of Gara and Jonay is without doubt one of the most romantic Canarian tales. The story tells of how Princess Gara from Gomera and the son of a Guanche king from Tenerife fell in love during a meeting between the rulers of both islands. Sadly, a fortune-teller predicted that their love would bring tragedy in the form of fire and lava, so their parents forbade it. Nevertheless, Jonay escaped and swam away to La Gomera, aided by some goatskins, where he took refuge with his beloved in the island's highest forests. When the lovers realised they were surrounded, they sharpened a lance at both ends, placed it between them and joined in an embrace that would end their lives forever. Today, the forest bears their names and is known as Garajonay National Park.