Laurel forests

Subtropical forests growing in Anaga and Teno Country Park

Some areas of the Canary Islands are still home to a prehistoric natural treasure: laurel forests that have survived here since the Tertiary Period. In Tenerife, most of these expanses can be found in the mountain ranges of Anaga, Teno, Aguagarcía and Tigaiga. These forests once covered much of northern Africa and southern Europe up until roughly 20,000 years ago. Today they are sadly all but gone. These laurel forests are populated by a variety of species, mainly including laurels, lichens, sanguinos, heaths, willows and mocans. Viñatigos, fayas and wild orange trees are three species of evergreens that can also be found in these forests. Thanks to the rough terrain in Tenerife's mountain areas, stretches of these magical forests can still be found along its trails.