Located in southern Tenerife, the municipality of Fasnia is certainly worth visiting. It ranges from the coast to the peaks, encompassing a world of treasures such as the chapels of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, La Montaña and San Joaquín (which has its own intrinsic decadent charm despite being barely more than ruins).

Fasnia is a municipality in south-eastern Tenerife bordering Güímar, Arico and La Orotava. Although much of its land is arid due to scarce rainfall, the peaks are populated with pine trees due to the influence of the trade winds. Archaeological settlements have been found in the ravines of Herques and Los Muertos. In fact, there are written records from the 16th century stating that this was one of the regions where the Guanches coexisted with the Castilians after the conquest. Fasnia is alive with vineyards, flowers, potatoes and tomatoes. Proudly adorning its coast are the cliff of La Hondura, a declared Site of Scientific Interest, and the rock formations of Los Roques, with their unique scenic beauty.

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Routes around the municipality

For hikers, there is a circular trail of intermediate to low difficulty offering some insight into the importance of water in Fasnia as it journeys through a number of hamlets whose origins are closely bound to water sources. This circular trail sets off from La Zarza and lasts approximately three hours, journeying along tracks, stone pathways and paved roads. Another option is the threshing trail, which reveals the historical significance of farming in the municipality of Fasnia. On their way, visitors will see the threshing fields up-close and understand their traditional use.

Approved trails in the municipality

The Royal Road of Fasnia travels northbound along an dirt track past old houses built in the traditional architectural style until it reaches the caves of Herques; southbound, the trail reveals a wonderful view of the entire municipality and walkers can visit the chapel of Los Dolores or the ruins of the San Joaquín chapel.
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