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San Juan de la Rambla


San Juan is a small municipality covering just over 20 km2 (7.7 sq miles) but, as is so often the case in Tenerife, it is full of charm. Located by the coast, the best way to enjoy it is to simply take in its laid-back atmosphere and explore its lovely buildings, such as Casa de los Alonso del Castillo and the Corn Exchange. A must on the tour is a visit to the district of Los Quevedos, which beautifully preserves a considerable number of traditional buildings. ​

This municipality in northern Tenerife borders on Los Realejos and La Guancha, covering 20.66 km2 (7.97 sq miles). The highest point is San Juan de la Rambla at an altitude of 2,000 m (6,560 ft) above sea level, which plunges down a steep hillside full of farm terraces towards the sea. San Juan de la Rambla was founded by the Portuguese colonist Martín Rondríguez in the early 16th century. He built a chapel here in honour of San Juan Bautista and several families came to settle in the area around the chapel, drawn by the quality of the agricultural land. In 1925, King Alfonso XIII granted this municipality the honorary title of Villa. Currently, its greatest appeal is the rich variety of its landscapes, ranging from the mountain to the beach, where modern life merges with a more traditional village pace of life.

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