San Miguel de Abona


This municipality is a place of contrasts, offering visitors the chance to enjoy a round of golf, have fun at the leisure park or journey back in time by exploring its lovely historic buildings. It is also surrounded by nature, as visitors will discover on one of its many trails.​

San Miguel de Abona is a picturesque municipality in southern Tenerife that can trace its roots back to the Guanche Kingdom of Abona. This municipality has always been defined by its contrasts, its beauty and its quietness, and it is full of charming little corners. Visitors have plenty of things to do here such as tasting local products and taking a tour of the old quarter which was recently declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, revealing the austere yet unique character of its historic-artistic wonders. Some of the municipality's must-sees are the Parish Mother Church of San Miguel Arcángel (built in 1796), the El Capitán Museum House (home to the Alfonso family in the late 19th century), the Municipal Library (which was the first building to house the Town Hall), the Birth House of Juan Bethencourt (a doctor, historian, anthropologist, ethnographer, teacher and journalist born in San Miguel in 1847), the Casa Azul (or "Blue House", currently housing the Town Hall) and Casa Cuatro Esquinas (which is now the Tourist Information Centre). Another of the area's appeals, thanks to its geographical location, is the seaside part of Costa San Miguel, a great place for all kinds of outdoor activities, particularly golf as the municipality has two courses: Golf del Sur and Amarilla Golf which were the first to set up in southern Tenerife. There is also a marina called La Marina San Miguel providing all sorts of other leisure options, including water sports and under-water activities, in a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere. Adding to the municipality of San Miguel de Abona's leisure opportunities is the chance to explore the countryside along a variety of trails in stunning landscapes, making it a great choice for those in search of a healthy and active holiday. From the highest part of the municipality, the view of the landscape is dotted with volcanic cones making the scenery all the more interesting. Long, deep ravines emerge from the mountains and disappear into the sea, where coastal cliffs hang over the ocean and small pebbled beaches or stretches of black sand are bathed by the waves. Here on Costa San Miguel, special mention should be made of the San Blas Environmental Reserve, with significant scenic and ethnographical value, and the protected area of Montaña Amarilla.

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Routes around the municipality

You can explore San Miguel de Abona by taking a walk around its historic quarter. Its streets follow a linear layout, which is particularly clear on Calle de la Iglesia, the old royal road that linked Granadilla and San Miguel to Valle de San Lorenzo. The tour begins at the Casa del Capitán History Museum, which is an important building in itself and also because of its content. The next stop is El Calvario, a small rectangular chapel dating from the 19th century. Carry on along Calle de la Iglesia to the Municipal Library, an important landmark in the municipality's history, and the parish church of San Miguel Arcángel. The walk ends at the Town Hall, which is housed in the building of La Casa Azul, with its distinctive outer veranda and its Brazilian style.
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