El Tanque


Despite being just a small municipality in the region of Isla Baja in north-western Tenerife, El Tanque has many hidden wonders. Among those treasures are its nature areas and buildings such as the Church of San Antonio de Padua.

The municipality of El Tanque lies in the north-west of Tenerife in the region of Icod-Daute-Isla Baja. Surrounding its 23.65 km2 (9.13 sq. miles) are Santiago del Teide, Garachico and Los Silos. Its historic quarter, particularly the area of El Tanque Bajo, conceals a wealth of 16th century architectural heritage. The name of the municipality (meaning The Tank) suggests that there was once a dam or tank there supplying water to Garachico.

The Church of San Pedro de Daute was built nearby in the early 16th century, though it had to be rebuilt after a tongue of lava and fire destroyed it in 1706. Country tourism in El Tanque has surged in recent years thanks to its natural surroundings, which are alive with wildlife and endemic species welcoming visitors to discover its secrets. More than 60% of its land belongs to Protected Nature Areas at altitudes of 400 to 1,354 m (1,312 to 4,412 ft) above sea level, with plenty of wildlife: amphibians, reptiles and birds of prey are just some of the residents of El Tanque's woodland.

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The rural and traditional charm of El Tanque envelops all of its little towns and villages. Traditional domestic architecture lines its roads and pathways, from which you will also glimpse signs of the municipality's agricultural activity. Despite the fact that El Tanque has no coast, you can see the beautiful Atlantic from its ravines and slopes, with the ever-present blue of its horizon glimmering through the vegetation.

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