The eastern-most of the Canary Islands

Lanzarote, popularly known as Volcano Island, is a combination of beaches, sunshine and volcanic scenery. The white houses dotted about its landscape contrast with the dark colour of the earth on the way up to Timanfaya National Park. There, visitors can take a camel ride to see the volcanoes up-close or admire the geysers pouring out steam as a sign that the water beneath it is boiling at over 100 degrees. The various monuments designed by the architect César Manrique demonstrate how important it is to care for the island's environment and respect its landscapes. Other attractions that have been designed to welcome tourists without affecting the wildlife include Los Jameos del Agua, home to a unique species of crab; the Cactus Garden; and the El Río lookout point, with its fabulous views towards the small island of La Graciosa. For visitors, the hotels and apartments that look out over Lanzarote's gold sandy beaches are a favourite accommodation option. There are several boats from Santa Cruz de Tenerife that link the Island to Arrecife, in Lanzarote. Another alternative is to catch one of the daily flights that go from the airports of Tenerife North and Reina Sofía to Lanzarote.