La Gomera

The closest island to Tenerife

Garajonay National Park and the charming towns and villages around it are two of La Gomera's main attractions. The mysterious atmosphere of its laurel forests is in tune with the peace and tranquillity emanating from the rest of the island, which boasts its very own whistling language that has been classed as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Plans for families and friends include taking a boat trip to admire the natural monument of Los Órganos, or gastronomical excursions to discover the local cheese mojo sauce known as "almogrote" and taste some palm honey by the magnificent rock formations of Roques de Hermigua. Farm terraces and typical quaint Canarian houses adorn La Gomera's abrupt landscapes, with ravines that open out into the sea creating stunning beaches and bays. A visit to the Gran Rey Valley reveals an assortment of accommodation options, sunshine, sea and plenty of peace and quiet. There are boats sailing to San Sebastián de La Gomera every day from Puerto de los Cristianos in southern Tenerife. Another way of getting to the island during your holiday on Tenerife is to catch a plane from Tenerife North airport, which takes just 30 minutes.