Bajamar Beach

This beach with its calm waters is constantly defying the force of the mighty waves that are so typical in this part of Tenerife. Floating peacefully on the surface while the waves crash into the breakwater that protects the beach is a wonderful experience.

The beach of Bajamar and its natural swimming pools form one of the most popular bathing spots in the municipality of La Laguna. You will have all the amenities you need, as well as restaurants and taverns.

If you come during the so-called "Mareas del Pino" (meaning Pine Tides) in September and October, prepare to be amazed as the huge waves break powerfully against the coast. Don't forget your camera so you can capture this magical moment.

Useful information

  • Location: San Cristóbal de La Laguna.
  • Length: 200 m (655 ft).
  • Width: 25 m (80 ft).
  • Composition: Shingle and sand.
  • Means of access: On foot (easy) or by car.
  • Disabled access: No.
  • Type of beach: Urban.
  • Amenities: Toilets, showers, waste bins, municipal cleaning service, public phones, bars and restaurants, boat hire and yacht club.
  • Parking facilities: Yes.
  • Bus service: Yes (inter-city).
  • Coordinates: 28° 33' 20.91'' N 16° 20' 43.36'' W.
  • UTM coordinates: X: 368 397.50 Y: 3 159 513.32 H:28.
Weather Today
Maximum: 21º
Minimum: 16º
San Cristóbal de La Laguna. The sky will be covered with high and middle clouds on Wednesday morning. As the hours pass by it will be mostly cloudy. Temperatures will remain unchanged.
Bajamar Beach
El Sol, 63, 38250 Bajamar