Victoria Gardens

If you would like to discover some unique gardens in the Canary Islands, the Victoria Gardens are a must. They were designed in the 19th century by French artist Adolph Croquet with a very eclectic style.

The tidiness and precision of the whole structure is astounding. The gardens are arranged in tiered terraces with fabulous fountains dotted here and there, and a huge variety of colourful flowers. The views over the old quarter of La Orotava from the top of the gardens are quite spectacular.

The Victoria Gardens were originally built as a mausoleum for Diego de Pinte, the Marquise of Quinta Roja, because the bishopric had denied him the right to a Christian burial. However, he was eventually granted that right and was never buried in the Gardens.

Opening hours: Permanently open. All year round.
Entrance price: Free.

Victoria Gardens
C/ Tomás Pérez s/n - Plaza de la Constitución, s/n, 38300 Villa de la Orotava