Garcia Sanabria Park

This park is one of the most emblematic symbols of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Surrounded by tropical flowers, you will discover sculptures hidden among the trees and feel the warm rays of the sun peeking through the lush vegetation. This is something you really don't want to just hear about from somebody else – you must experience it for yourself.

Covering an expanse of 67,230 square metres (about 17 acres), the García Sanabria park houses plenty of sculptures of great artistic value, some of which were on display at the 1st International Street Sculpture Exhibition by artists such as Pablo Serrano and José Guinovart, as well as busts of some of the city's most illustrious figures, and a whole array of tropical trees and plants.

At the heart of the park stands the Monument to García Sanabria (1938), which was made by the sculptor Francisco Borges Salas and designed by the architect Marrero Regalado. Beside it is the statue of La Fecundidad (meaning The Fertility), by the same sculptor.

Opening hours: Permanently open. All year round.
Entrance price: Free.

Garcia Sanabria Park
Streets Numancia, Méndez Núñez, Dr. José Naveiras and Ramblas.