El Portillo Visitors Centre Botanical Gardens

These vast gardens lie within the boundaries of Teide National Park on a ten acre plot of land. The gardens were created for the purpose of displaying, understanding, researching and reproducing the area's native flora species.

On your visit, you will discover over 75% of the more complex species housed in the National Park. You will also learn a lot about the plants thanks to the network of signs placed all over the park.

Step into the laboratories with their germination chambers and discover the germoplasm bank where a programme is under way to restore endangered species. The programme currently receives international backing that aims to support the recovery of endangered plants.

Opening hours: Permanently open. All year round.
Entrance price: Free.

El Portillo Visitors Centre Botanical Gardens
Carretera TF-21, Km. 32,1. 38629 El Portillo