Ayosa lookout point

Located some 2,000 metres (6,200 ft) above sea level, this lookout point is hidden among pine trees and dense mountain vegetation, including laburnums and the local species of summit rosebushes and ironworts. From here, you will be looking out over the valley of La Orotava, the top of the La Madre ravine and the pine forests on the tops of Aguamansa. In the background, as ever, Teide rises over the slopes of Tigaiga, and beyond that is the outline of the island of La Palma. A view you are bound to enjoy.

  • Location: TF-24 Km pt. 28. La Orotava
  • Parking facilities: Yes
  • "Guagua" (bus) stop: No
  • Disabled access: Yes
  • Interpretation boards or panels: Yes
  • UTM coordinates: 0356117/3137527